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Transfer to Locations

Moscow is known for its robust public transportation system, but when you are on holiday, especially as glorious, crazy and boozy as the World Cup, it's best not to plunge yourself into devising transit routes, but delegate the whole thing to the locals who have lived in this city since birth. We'll take care of all the trips, while you'll be left to sipping on your beer, staring out of the car window and humming your favorite Russian tunes!

Post-Event Pick-up & Leisure

Once all business is over for the day, it's time we headed to a safe and aesthetically pleasing dining establishment where you can taste something authentic and well-cooked while enjoying the company of hospitable and polite restaurateurs, and worldly Muscovites.



Despite its many state-of-the-art skyscrapers, iconic Stalinist towers and international events, hosted by the city on a regular basis, Moscow, unfortunately, still hasn't become an AirB'n'B mecca, a bestseller or at least a second-tier tourism magnet that many of its Eastern European peers succeeded in becoming.

As a result, many of the private landlords and hotels staffers aren't sufficiently knowledgeable in handling international tourists, their documents, aesthetic whims and culinary urges, and a large portion of them are barely fluent in English, let alone Spanish or French.

So what we offer is intermediation in the whole host of delicate matters that emerge when you start dealing directly with your Russian hosts. We have a whole file of Western-standard apartments that wouldn't be out of place in New York, Paris, Barcelona or Berlin.


There's great diversity among Moscow's hotels, to put it generously. If that's true for New York, London and Paris, it's especially true for Moscow. Bait and switch is not unknown to Moscow hoteliers.

Our trademark strength is that because of our vast international experience we know what that happy middle ground would constitute to an average Western tourist, whereas many a Russian hotelier would go for the kitschy exterior foregoing the solid basics such as impeccable sheets and bathroom, a quiet bedroom, professionally maintained furniture -- and last but not least -- polite, amiable and punctual service.

Private Houses

Russia has an ancient and glorious tradition of cozy suburban cottages called dachas. Many of them are closer to the main sporting locations than proper urban dwellings. They are often situated in quiet and leafy neighborhoods, and could be a good alternative for those of you who have already had enough of the city revelry, who are fed up with the urban routine back home, or who are simply in the mood for some Russian countryside.

The owners of these houses may seeem like a demographic requiring a special approach, but this lodging category does offer you an option unlike any other in the city, and we'll always be there to accompany you and drive your lot around.


Cars & Vans

Rentable cars, vans, SUVs seem easy, right? Not that easy and carefree in Russia! English is a big barrier, paperwork and credit-card security deposits are an even bigger barrier. Accident resolution may become a huge issue in the regions! Talk to us, and we'll make it so that your only phone call will be to us.

Buses & Trains

Buses and trains are not only used, but guess what: they're also extensively manufactured in Russia! Those durable iron beasts, real warhorses of Soviet infrastructure! You can get anywhere by bus or train in Russia. That is, unless you want to do it in style and comfort, with WiFi hooked up and meals delivered to your compartment. That's when you may run into some problems and torpedo the hitherto fine impression from your trip. Talk to us about this, and we'll arrange for some five-star cross-country travel on par with Orient Express.


Russia's seriously getting up to speed with its own budget airlines and has just rolled out a shiny new network of world-class airports, however, one should be very vigilant when trying to tackle air travel issues while in command of only a few words of Russian or in a state of post-celebratory coma. Talk to your own native-speaker travel agent, and we'll see to it that you fly to and from Saransk, Kazan or Samara safe, cheerful and financially intact.


Cafes & Restaurants

There are hundreds of wild and horribly ungrateful stories about Russian food circulating around the Internet, which don't do Russia's many ethnic cuisines any justice. Russia is indeed located in an agriculturally difficult climate, and the country's rapid industrialization and economic crises didn't help promote gourmet trends.

However, Russians have a centuries-old tradition of treating their guests to sumptuous dishes against all odds! And that's a very good thing for a wary foreign tourist!

So what we aspire to do is introduce our clients to some affordable, yet tasty and hearty meals, and elegant ceremonies offered by Moscow's many privately owned establishments that take pride in their recipes and serve food with an open heart and a strong sense of hospitality.

City Tours

To come to the distant — and now almost hopelessly isolated — Russia, see the games, empty barrels of beer in the process, but miss out on marveling first-hand Moscow's out-of-this-world churches, miss out on touring the city's palatial subway system, miss out on surveying the grand Stalinist architectural gems — is, simply put, an ignorant, and ultimately inexcusable, way of vacationing in Russia.

You gotta take in some culture while partying all the way through the championship, and we'll be on call to help you with this tricky aspect of World Cup multitasking.

Guided Excursions

If you have those few sober hours — or heck, a couple of days even — to spare for some high-brow leisure in the midst of Russian art nouveau, revolutionary Bauhaus, Stalinist Empire style and late-Soviet Brutalism, we'll show you around and have you culturally enlightened, and pleasantly surprised by a bunch of seasoned muscovite old-timers with degrees in history and architecture.

Tickets Help

You know getting the right tickets can be painful, even though they have supposedly been made easy by the authorities. There are plenty of swindlers and crooks who will try to take advantage of you just because it's the nature of the theatre black market — people just can't resist making a quick buck off of out-of-town folks!

Don't worry — we got your back! We'll save you the trouble of navigating the ploys and traps pulled off by the pro speculators and get you the best tickets money can buy.

About us


Guide & Logistics Manager

Jamma knows Moscow inside out and keeps current of hundreds of its secret routes and locations.

Jamma is a trained producer, sound engineer and dancer, a guru in Logic Pro, and just a very likable guy with a passion for new friendships and cross-cultural experiences.

He himself is well-traveled having been to Uzbekistan, the Ukraine, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Jamma is a dedicated family man who is a father of two beautiful girls and one up-and-coming boy that's about to start college — in London, no less.

Moscow Airport Pickup


Customer Service Manager

Jamyl's our star asset who, as a student, always excelled in English and even obtained a scholarship to study in South Korea.

Jam's a seasoned traveler having lived in South Korea and Uzbekistan and visited a whole host of places to the east of the Urals.

Jamyl's also a devout family man who moonlights as a DJ at Moscow's cosmopolitan cafes and restaurants.

Jam's going to be your trusted fixer and advisor in all matters Russia, and his superb English will make sure your Russia trip's been consummated to the fullest.